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Our NoYoYo 8-week weight loss programme has been developed by our fitness and nutrition experts and is officially certified by health insurance providers. The main goal of the programme is to reduce your starting body weight by 5 to 10% while improving your body composition in an effective and sustainable manner. Our experts will train you in small groups (max. 10 participants) for 8 weeks intensively in order to help you improve your eating habits and to acquire long-term dietary change as part of your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. This will give you the necessary knowledge and confidence in order to maintain the weight loss and continue to lose fat mass until well after the end of the NoYoYo-programme. Should you wish to continue training in a group as part of your training regime we would like to invite you to join our 8-week- follow-up course which will be available to you after your first NoYoYo-programme.


  • Individual anamnesis and measurement of the body composition and regular appointments for measuring to document the process
  • Detailed and high quality NOYOYO booklet with all the important information
  • HIIT training twice a week with a certified personal trainer and individual course recommendations for additional training
  • 8 x 45- min nutrition training sessions with a nutritionist
  • Food supplements that support the attainment of your goals effectively
  • 8-week supervision, support and motivation from our team of experts
  • For non-members: A full membership at Holmes Place, limited to the eight-week duration of the programme


If you would like to know more about our new NoYoYo program, just use this contact form to send us your request: